"Pork and Beans" is playing and it’s thundering and life feels kinda perfect.


Exactly this

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Shit, majority of the time I am so good and love being solo but this wave of sudden loneliness hit me like a bag of butter tonight. It’s weird and I don’t like it.

I feel ya. Except I don’t feel like a bag of butter, I feel like an extra sack of pathetic. And think about making out with all the cuties and then I think “fuck that’s so dumb, they wouldn’t want to make out with me since not a cutie and so weird in a bad way.” :/

Girl you know you’re crazy awesome and fine as hell!  Own it!!

Oh and this is my first time on my laptop in like a month so there’s that.

So I’ve got twenty pages single space down for the first rough draft of my short story.  Thank god I didn’t attempt a novel length or I’d be fucked.  I have to write- on paper- in my spare time at school and type it up later.  Just proud of myself for sticking with one story and set of characters for so long cause I started this bitch back in September.


This is literally so fucking important

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